How to become VDB


To become a VDB it is necessary for the candidate to

  • be single, between 21 and 40 years of age,
  • never have professed vows within other Institutes of consecrated life,
  • be in good health, and have sufficient time and freedom to carry out Institute commitments,
  • be psychologically and emotionally mature, relative to her age and life situation,
  • be willing to go beyond and renew her own culture,
  • be oriented torwards apostolic life in secular consecration,
  • have sufficient financial autonomy, in accordance with her state of life.

The formation journey entails

This is a period of at least one year, when the candidate makes her first contact with the Institute. She meets with a VDB who is usually the Coordinator of the group in the location where she lives. The candidate becomes acquainted with the Institute and tries to understand whether this is the kind of life she’s called to follow.

This usually lasts three years. The Aspirant is placed within a particular Group where, under the guidance of the VDB responsible for her formation, she deepens her knowledge of the Institute, the Constitutions, and salesian secular consecration.

This could last between six to nine years. The first Profession is the beginning of actual life as a VDB. The young VDB carries on with her personal formation, as she further deepens her knowledge of the charism of the Institute, as well as assumes particular responsibilities within it.

This marks the full and definitive incorporation within the Institute. Each VDB carries on with a journey of permanent formation along with the other Sisters, as they mutually help and support each other in the various aspects of their life and mission.

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