We are a Secular Institute, with Pontifical rights. Our seat is in Rome, which is home to our administrative office and archives.

We have an effective structure, which caters for our formation and life of communion.

We don’t live together, nor do we have common apostolic activities, such as schools, oratories, etc. Rather, each of us is attentive to God’s will and the challenges presented in the environment where she lives. We therefore commit ourselves to render the world more human, and proclaim God with our own lifestyle.

We live on our own or with our family. However, we meet frequently to help each other, receive formation, and challenge ourselves and each other… and sometimes simply to experience the joy of being with each other!

We therefore have a strong sense of communion, united by the awareness of having the same mission in the world, and our belonging to the same Institute.

Our works have value to the extent that they are animated by our spirit and have real affection for the Love of God. It is then that we shall have real works that are vitalised by charity