We seek to be witnesses in all situations we find ourselves in, including wherever there is a need. We provide an authentic testimony within our family, at work, in our living areas, in politics, in local councils, in parishes, in voluntary work, in missionary countries. We employ the same means that the world uses, that is, we speak the same language, but use different words.

We share in every human being’s everyday efforts, and in their attempt to make the world more just and more human. For this reason, we consider work to be the continuation God’s creative action in history.

In accordance with our particular abilities and possibilities, we strive to be an active and responsible presence within the cultural and media world, such that a message of hope is conveyed to all persons in contemporary society.

Our presence with other people aims at healing the division between faith and culture, where practical atheism is so embedded. We actively seek to acquire specific competencies that make us qualified and effective in this regard.

You can do much good, when the chance affords itself by
you life in the society