Our mission


Our mission is to actualise God’s project in the various settings we operate in.
We are attentive to the signs of the times; therefore, we try to read into the needs that emerge within society. In communion with others, we then seek to respond adequately to such needs, as well as look for new possibilities for discernment and action.

We seek to take Christ in the most challenging situations. Hence, our witness needs to be characterised by a capacity for listening, tenderness, and understanding.
We look upon the world with love and optimism. We seek to be open to embrace authentic values inherent in human reality. We commit ourselves to enhance communion and dialogue, which are at the basis of a just society that respects the person’s dignity.

We carry out our work with competence and professionality, in an attempt to:

  • create a more human world, inspired by Christian values;
  • value the person more than profit;
  • collaborate with God’s work in the world.

We generously dedicate our lives to all people, using our typically feminine qualities. Our relationships are coloured by Christian qualities. We are particularly sensitive to the problems experienced by youths, and express solidarity with the poorest.

A number of us choose to live in a missionary country, where they carry out their profession, or contribute to human development projects.

It is not in high station, not in making a mark, not in being praised that you sonctify yourself and grow perfect, instead it is in humility and love of God